Pangborn 2021

Pangborn 2021

The 14th Sensory Science Symposium will take place online and on demand hosted from Vancouver during 9-12 August 2021.

The programme will be themed around 'Sustainable Sensory Science' and will cover a wide range of topics through live-stream presentations, video meetings and poster exhibitions. Topics to be covered during the 4 day event include:

  • Sustainable Solutions
  • New and Emerging Sensory and Consumer Methods
  • Fundamentals: Biology and Psychophysics
  • Sensometrics & Data Science
  • Food Choice & Consumer Behaviour
  • Sensory Testing with Special Interest Groups
  • Sensory Relationships with Health & Wellbeing
  • Beyond Food – Sensory Learning from Other Categories
  • Sensory Marketing
  • Emerging Markets and Cross Cultural Sensory Research
  • Sensory Driven Product Design
  • Honouring the Giants of Sensory Science



Sensory Dimensions are proud to announce that we have secured three poster presentations at this event.

Although we cannot be presenting at Pangborn in person, we still hope to connect with you. Please do get in touch to discuss any the details of our research posters or how we can support your upcoming research objectives.