Webinar: “OptiMap+” keeping you at No.1

Webinar: “OptiMap+” keeping you at No.1

Free Webinar: “OptiMap+” : achieve the best performing products in the market and remain #1 for years to come

  • Are you concerned about losing market share to own label equivalents, branded competitors and new challengers?

  • Do you know that product revitalisation is required but are not sure what that should look like to maximise consumer appeal?

  • Do you want to work out the optimum formulation for new products and become the best performing in the category?

OptiMap+ will tackle these questions head on and help identify the way forward.

Combining our extensive experience in Sensory Fingerprinting with our Consumer Product and Pack evaluation expertise, OptiMap+ delivers precise recommendations on how to create the sensory product experience that will drive optimum consumer appeal.

And the Plus? OptiMap+ gives you a powerful prediction tool that saves product development and testing costs over the medium-to-long term whilst ensuring you stay #1 in the market for years to come.


Join our free webinar at 1pm on Thursday 12th November to hear how OptiMap+ has been used to help for food, drink and personal care organisations.

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