Navigating the Innovation Funnel

Navigating the Innovation Funnel

Today’s consumers demand more from their product choices but the sensory experience remains key to consumer satisfaction. Context, personal, sensory and a host of other factors affect why consumers choose particular products.  Therefore, aligning product concepts with desirable consumer experiences is critical to success.

At Sensory Dimensions, we support many clients through the innovation pipeline to develop products which meet the sensory expectations of the consumer. Using our Product LabsTM approach we help refine concept ideas, support design guidelines and provide our clients with clear recommendations.

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Our free webinar - Navigating the Innovation Funnel on 8th September 2021 - showed how combining qualitative consumer research with a range of sensory techniques can help deliver the right product experience that delivers the promise of the concept.

Topics we covered included:

  • Idea generation and category exploration.
  • Prototype evaluation and optimisation.
  • Defining design ‘guard rails’.
  • Maintaining product desirability and quality after launch.

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