Latest Food and Beverage trends

Latest Food and Beverage trends

Sensory Dimensions attended an NPD Food & Drink online conference last week to catch-up on the latest industry trends. We thought we would send you headlines on what are still important trends across the industry and what’s growing:

  • Sugar reduction is not going away.
  • Sustainability is becoming a ‘must do’ rather than being a ‘nice to do’.
  • Plant-based now has serious attention from larger Food & Beverage organisations.
  • No/low alcohol is gathering traction across more and more drinks categories.
  • Mental wellness is becoming more targeted e.g. stress relief, comfort foods, sleep help, clearer thinking.
  • Guilt-free foods that are both healthy and satisfying are desired.
  • Easy gourmet foods are in demand e.g. rich flavours, easy-to-eat, freeze dried.
  • There is a surge in interest in immune boosting products.

If you are planning to capitalise on the above trends in 2021 then please do let us know, as we have a full suite of sensory, product and packaging research approaches – both quantitative and qualitative.

And don’t forget that we have state-of the-art in-house product testing & viewing facilities - to ensure the highest quality of data and reliable insights. With the summer holidays rapidly approaching, now is a good time to plan research for autumn completion.

Please do contact us to benefit from our expertise.