Innovating for Immunity

Innovating for Immunity

Immunity, Innovation and COVID-19

The immunity sector is currently experiencing the world’s largest ‘advertising campaign’ due to the global pandemic, but how can you maximise this advantage and what opportunities does this bring to your brand?

Earlier this month, we were invited to take part in the RSSL webinar on Covid-19 and the Immunity Revolution Trend. The webinar discussed the insights and methods needed to help understand changing consumer attitudes, behaviours and needs, and looked at the range of ingredients being promoted for immune support as well as claims versus shelf life.

If you missed the webinar, you can access the recording via the RSSL website.

Can we help?

Several of our clients are asking us how we can help them understand and develop products based on enhancing immunity for consumers.

We can help you in a number of ways:

1. “Knowledge Mapping”: a quick, affordable, actionable consultancy process that enables clients to define what is known and what needs to be newly understood to identify opportunities within the immunity market.
2. Consumer Observation: see how consumers are behaving at home in terms of immunity products. What are their new needs?
3. “Product Labs”: use our proprietary qualitative approach to co-create new immunity concepts, products, and packaging with consumers. It’s quick, engaging and affordable.
4. If you already have prototype products to trial, we can place them amongst our Sensory Dimensions Community for in-home trials - to fully evaluate them against claims and product experience. This is often a qual’-quant’ approach, including in-home video footage and post-trial in-depth consumer interviews.
5. An end-to-end programme of research starting with a blank sheet and leading to product launches of immunity-based products. The benefit to clients using this approach is that all the stages are ‘joined up’, with continuity and ongoing expert support provided by Sensory Dimensions in a true partnership style.

If you are developing immunity-based products, then please do get in touch to see how we could help.