Helping create successful products during lockdown

Helping create successful products during lockdown

Our unique, state-of-the-art, in-house testing facilities, in Reading and Nottingham, remain open to help you with your sensory, product and packaging research requirements. We continue to remain vigilant and adhere to the government social distancing guidelines to keep all staff and visitors safe when onsite. Our Onsite Safety Measures video demonstrates the Covid-19 safety procedures in all our facilities.

In addition, we are conducting in-home CLTs when this is the best approach and when clients ask us to do it this way. We replicate as best as possible a CLT controlled environment in consumers’ homes.

If the objectives of the research are to understand, observe and measure performance of products and packaging in consumers’ natural environment then we are using iHUTs. We have been conducting these in a fast and agile way, delivering to clients’ shorter innovation timelines - to get products to market sooner.

New clients have been telling us that we are cost-effective and that they are getting more projects from their research budgets by partnering with us.

Our aim is to help you create successful products and achieve competitive advantage. If you are clear about how you want to conduct your NPD research, then we will accommodate your requirements. If you want our advice on the best approach, then please contact us and we shall be very happy to help you.