How lifestyle choices are driving the Free-from market

How lifestyle choices are driving the Free-from market


Plant-based diet campaigns like ‘Veganuary’ and #MeatFreeMondays are growing in popularity. Increasingly, consumers have a desire to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle, save money and contribute towards the reduction of global meat consumption (Mintel Research, 2018).

Traditionally, vegetarian and vegan ranges have been specialist products targeting particular customers, however with the increase in the availability and range of these choices, the potential consumer group has become much broader. The primary factor in marketing plant-based products for consumers is promoting the taste of the product (D Burrows, 2017). Any positive contributions towards health benefits or the environment are considered secondary.

Advertising something as ‘free from’ or containing slogans suggesting ‘giving up’ something may leave consumers thinking they are missing out or compromising on the product. For companies, understanding that the targeted consumer base may be shifting into a more mainstream consumer and that vegan or vegetarian terms may deter some consumers, is important to consider.

The Flexitarian diet is a more flexible and sustainable lifestyle choice which promotes a predominantly plant-based diet without the strict limitations of a vegan diet (N Morris 2019). Highlighting the health benefits and sustainability elements of the product provides a more positive image; describing a product as ‘plant-based’ rather than ‘vegan’ may encourage a wider consumer audience (D Burrows, 2017).

The rise of a plant-based diet is increasing in popularity and what consumers want from their food choices is changing. How will this trend evolve?

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