Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Coronavirus COVID-19 Update

Sensory Dimensions continue to handle the COVID-19 outbreak in accordance with section 4.10 of the Business Continuity Plan and will work in accordance with UK Government advice.

Following changes in government advice coming into effect on 14th September 2020 and in alignment with the Business Continuity policy and existing COVID screening process, we have taken these additional measures to protect our staff, visitors, consumers and sensory panel members:

  1. All consumers arriving onsite for studies will be directed to a socially distanced queuing zone. Each zone will hold a maximum of 6 people. Each group of 6 consumers will be directed to a separate panel room where they will remain for the duration of their visit.
  2. Temperature checks will take place before entering the building. Anyone with a raised temperature (over 38C) are asked to leave the facility and will not be permitted access. This is in conjunction with the health questionnaire asked to all onsite visitors.

We will continue to run consumer research studies and sensory panels in accordance with client requirements for as long as UK Government advice allows free movement of people. If, and when, this advice changes then we will halt these operations and contact clients to discuss accordingly. Where possible work will be re-scheduled (accepting that the longevity of community isolation policies may not be known at the time of their introduction). If one of our sites should be temporarily closed because of an outbreak consumer research work will be moved to the other site (Reading/Nottingham). Key staff members are all equipped to work from home and so communications and reporting of studies will be unaffected.

Any concerns or queries should be directed to our Health and Safety Officer, Nicola Stendhurst, on