Company Day at SD

Company Day at SD

Company Day

We had our bi-annual company day on Monday 3rd Dec, which always provides a fantastic opportunity for both sites to come together and catch up on the previous few months. 

After a quick review of 2018, we went on to talk about the year ahead. Last year saw some exciting research on Implicit testing undertaken, and we are planning on continuing this in 2019. If you missed our talk at Eurosense you can download our presentation on Measuring the Emotional Impact of Sweet Snacks, by implicit and explicit methods.

In the afternoon, the key theme was all about working smarter not harder. The team split into groups for a brainstorming session and came up with some innovative ways to improve efficiency across the company. Interestingly, all the groups highlighted the importance of strengthening communication between departments.

Team News

Last Friday we said a sad farewell to Dr Tracey Hollowood, who has been the face of SD Nottingham for 10 years in Nottingham. Tracey was instrumental in getting our Nottingham facility up and running in 2008 and the Home and Personal Care facility in 2013.

We are looking forward to starting a new working relationship with Tracey as a consultant for Sensory Dimensions.