Mitigating Inflation – Providing guidance through your product cost reduction

With costs of manufacturing continuing to run at a high level through 2022, attention is increasing on how to reduce product costs whilst protecting consumer appeal and retail sales.

The majority of our work is centred around value improvement, cost management, competitor benchmarking and product renovation. Our clients have their own way of approaching these scenarios and each category represents different challenges. We know that there isn’t one solution that fits all. We have a wide range of tools and techniques available, combined as appropriate, for each situation.

Here is a renovation case study as an example of our work.


We see it as our job to help make sure that your consumers don’t notice a difference, but if they do, that they don’t mind. To ensure that your consumers remain satisfied, and your sales remain unaffected, it is important to design research correctly.

You need the most trustworthy agency for this type of research as the consequences of getting it wrong could be catastrophic in terms of sales.

Sensory Dimensions will give you clear and honest advice about the decisions necessary for your cost-reduced products. Please brief us on your specific needs and let’s discuss how we can help.