Date: 10th May 2022

Cost: Free

The market for plant-based alternatives to meat continues to boom as consumers seek healthier alternatives for themselves and for the planet. The market for non-dairy options is also racing forward with strong innovations and launches in ice creams, spreads and cheeses.

How can a sensorial approach to the development and marketing of these products help prime greater expectations of taste, increase purchase intentions, and improve the product experience for consumers? From advertising and packaging to improvements in the taste, texture and appearance of the products themselves.

This webinar will discuss the multi-sensory nature of eating and how the senses interact together to create our unique experience. We review the myriad of factors that interplay when we are deciding to buy, cook and eat and how these factors may be enhanced to influence what we expect and how we feel. Using case studies and examples from the plant-based sectors, we will illustrate the role of research in guiding your product and packaging development towards a successful outcome.

The presenters

Tracey Sanderson

Tracey is Managing Director at Sensory Dimensions where she has worked since 2010. In her role she supports clients across the food, personal care, home, and healthcare sectors to create successful products and packaging and maximise competitive advantage.

Russell Jones

Russell is an expert in multi-sensory marketing and founder of agency Sensory Experiences, who has been using the science of the senses to design successful products, brands and retail environments for over 10 years.

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