Stories bring data to life. Stories communicate complex messages, convey abstract experiences, bring people together and provide inspiration and motivation.

Story telling is therefore, an essential skill for researchers who must convey outcomes and insights concisely and with impact to a range of audiences. The creation of powerful research stories requires the careful combination of (data) facts and narrative across three elements:

    • Characters (Consumers and products)
    • Conflict (Research problem)
    • Resolution (Conclusions and recommendations)

By focusing on the key questions, carefully summarising the results and illustrating meaning, you will improve understanding of your research and recommendations.

TO LEARN more about creating impactful research stories, WATCH this 20-minute video by Simon Hails.

The presenter

Simon Hails is Director at Sensory Dimensions. He supports clients across the food, personal care, home, and healthcare sectors to create successful products and packaging and maximise competitive advantage. Simon has 13 years’ experience of NPD research and client consulting in FMCG with expertise in sensory and consumer research design, statistical analyses and modelling and the generation of strategic insight.

You can also access this presentation through our YouTube channel.

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