Drivers of Choice in the Laundry Sector

Drivers of Choice in the Laundry Sector

Consumer Emotions

The Sensory Dimensions Difference

Using our Implicit Testing we were able to define the emotional benefits that discriminated our client’s product from its main competitor. 



The Challenge

To define the drivers of choice for both brands so that these functional and emotional benefits could be incorporated into targeted on-pack messaging and brand communication that would better retain loyal customers and attract new ones.

Our Strategy

A blind fragrance under controlled conditions in a sensory testing laboratory amongst equal numbers of users of both brands. Traditional techniques - asking direct questions and getting respondents to respond by consciously choosing their answer – were used to assess liking for the fragrance and propensity to purchase. Implicit methods were used to assess emotional response to the fragrances at a non-conscious level. Here, respondents are not asked any questions but must react very quickly to stimuli they see on the screen. Implicit testing captures automatic intuitive responses, or ‘gut feelings’ before conscious thought processes can influence these.

What We Did

Liking for the two fragrances, measured explicitly was very similar. However, Implicit testing showed that the brands generated very different emotional reaction amongst their user groups and that the fragrances cued different functional benefits.

One brand was associated with emotions such as caring and friendly, and a long lasting, all day fresh, great fragrance. On the other hand, the other brand was more associated with functional attributes such as strong on stains and dependable.


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