Turning product concepts into reality

Turning product concepts into reality

Chilled Fruit

The Sensory Dimensions Difference

Our hands-on workshop gave clear insight into what consumers expected from a new product idea and provided clear direction for NPD.


The Challenge

A successful soft drinks manufacturer wanted to expand their product portfolio by moving into the chilled, fruit snacks market. The company had a well-researched concept but had struggled with developing product prototypes. It was proving difficult to understand what consumers expected of the product: what flavours and textures would they expect to see and how would this product be different to competitors?


Our Strategy

As the main stakeholder, New Product Development needed clear direction on product design. However, it was also important for Marketing to understand consumer reactions and to successfully capture the language being used to describe the concept.

That’s why we opted for a series of co-creation workshops. These workshops encouraged consumers to create their own version of the product, as they envisioned it. They provided clear colour, flavour and texture directions for NPD to build on, as well as insights about product description and benefits.

What We Did

We ran six, three-hour co-creation sessions amongst groups of target consumers. After an initial discussion of fruit consumption habits and products, the product concept was introduced and debated. Consumers were then tasked with making a product(s) that reflected their interpretation of the concept. A wide range of fruits was available for them to use, each in different size pieces and consistencies of purée. Respondents recorded their recipes. All creations were tasted and discussed by the group and several winners were chosen.

What We Found

The most popular fruit types, piece sizes and their combinations were identified. Reactions to less familiar fruits were explored and their potential role in the product understood. The optimal number of fruits to use was also defined as was the range of textures to be included.

The co-creation recipes have since formed the basis of further development and product prototypes have moved into further research.

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