Selecting the Optimum variety

Selecting the Optimum variety


The Challenge

  • To select those broccoli varieties with maximum appeal to the UK consumer and gain insight into the sensory drivers and barriers to broccoli consumption that would guide future breeding programmes.


The Solution

  • Using SensEyeTM, the flavour, texture and appearance of seven varieties were defined and measured by our Sensory Panel. Consumers rated their appeal in a Central Location Test. Consumer Segmentation analysis identified the varieties with the widest universal appeal as well as highlighting those that were more polarizing.


The Outcome

  • The top performing varieties were clearly identified as well as those varieties that would be less acceptable to consumers. The sensory work provided a clear understanding of why each variety was liked or disliked enabling the design of a breeding programme that focused on maximising the preferred and reducing the less desirable flavour, texture and appearance characteristics.


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