Rapid Feedback on New Concepts and Launches

Rapid Feedback on New Concepts and Launches


The Challenge

  • A leading razor manufacturer had recently launched a novel, heated razor for men. We wanted to understand the interest in the product amongst potential consumers and what type of shaving experience they envisaged.


The Solution

  • An online survey amongst the male members of our Sensory Dimensions Community¬†Respondents watched the concept video and answered questions about what sort of shave experience they imagined the new razor would provide, and their interest and likelihood to buy.

The Outcome

  • Results were available within 24hours (response rate 15%).
  • Response to the concept was positive: 78% of the men intended to purchase the product. They believed the razor would glide over their skin giving a close, comfortable experience reminiscent of a hot towel shave. Concerns were raised about heightened sensitivity in some areas.