Putting new flavours on the map

Putting new flavours on the map

Fruit Juice

The Sensory Dimensions Difference

Our approach set out to identify segmentation in the market and so allowed the client to design a new range of juices that would appeal to maximum market share.



The Challenge

A juice manufacturer with an established long-life juice brand wanted to move into the chilled juice market but needed some guidance on which flavours to launch; as well as information about the appeal of two prototypes. Multiple stakeholders from both NPD and Marketing teams meant that any outputs needed to support development decisions, brand targeting and communication and guide future product development.

Our Strategy

We selected an approach that measured the appeal to chilled juice drinkers of the prototypes alongside competitors and - recognising that there is no such thing as the average consumer - would allow us to segment consumers into groups based on their liking for juice. Crucially, this meant we could define the characteristics of juice liked by each group in terms that were actionable by the NPD team.

What We Did

We worked with the client to select eight chilled juices representing the range of flavours available in the market. Then we asked 150 chilled fruit juice consumers to rate liking for each of these commercial samples plus the client’s two prototypes.

In addition, we used our trained sensory panels to evaluate the sensory characteristics of the ten juices using Descriptive Sensory Profiling, which gave a detailed picture of the aroma, flavour, mouthfeel and aftertaste characteristics of each.

What We Found

Using the consumer liking data we produced a map of the juice market and from this were able to identify three different groups of consumers with different taste preferences:

  • Exotic Seekers – people who preferred high sweetness, low acidity and exotic fruits (e.g. mango) 
  • Softer Taste Seekers –preferred high sweetness, low acidity and orchard fruits (e.g. apple) 
  • Tangy Taste Seekers – preference was for lower sweetness, higher acidity and some bitterness.

Guided by our target profiles, the NPD team developed a range of three juices. The range was successfully launched and targeted at each of the three consumer segments.

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