Giving support to product claims

Giving support to product claims


The Sensory Dimensions Difference

Our real-life use scenarios provided us and our client with the validation and confidence needed to back up an exciting new product claim. 


The Challenge

A fragrance supplier was investigating new forms of encapsulation that would release fragrance in response to shear stress. Potential applications included personal care products - such as deodorant - as well as the laundry market. They needed to demonstrate potential that the product could be used to support a claim like, ‘it’s as active as you are.’


Our Strategy

We selected an approach that would compare the new encapsulated fragrance with traditional formats in real life use situations. Our initial studies focused on laundry products.

What We Did

We used our trained fragrance panel to assess the fragrance and aroma of laundered shirts over the course of a 12-hour wear. At scheduled intervals during this time the panel carried out periods of average and intense activity, and then rated the fragrance strength on their shirt.

Comparison of results from control and test shirts would then investigate the validity of the claim.

What We Found

There was strong evidence that movement released more fragrance from shirts laundered in product containing the encapsulated fragrance.

Our client was able to promote their new line of fragrances to potential customers, with a substantiated and appealing product claim.

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