Functionality amongst a Patient User Group

Functionality amongst a Patient User Group


The Challenge

  • To understand the impact of changing the packaging of specialty pharmaceutical amongst its core patient user group.


The Solution

  • We liaised with local hospitals and dialysis units to recruit 50 kidney dialysis patients. During their treatment, patients took part in 1 to 1 depth interviews during which they opened and compared three new prototype packs with current. Interviews explored ease of opening (this user group typically has limited manual dexterity); confidence; discreteness; portability; and safety. A combination of quantitative and qualitative data was derived.

The Outcome

  • Feedback from the user group was essential in the decision to reformat the pack for this essential daily medication. Using both the comparative data and the anecdotal feedback and stories of the patients’ experience, the client was able to select the best option with confidence and offer the market an improved pack whilst also securing cost savings.


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