Exploring new markets (Food)

Exploring new markets (Food)


The Challenge

A few years ago one of our clients wanted to increase their UK sales of coldwater prawns. They asked us to find out the market potential of some new product ideas.

Our Strategy

We searched the sales and business literature but very little background information was available about the market for coldwater prawns. It was important in this case to find out, not if people liked prawns, but how they felt about them, how they might use them and the formats in which they wanted to buy them.

What We Did

We ran a series of focus groups amongst users and non-users of prawns. Through structured, moderated and interactive discussion we identified how people consumed and viewed coldwater prawns and explored their reactions to the new products, their packaging and branding.

What We Found

The focus groups helped us discover what people liked and disliked about the new product ideas, how they could be improved and what other new products could be developed. We also learned that consumers were prepared to buy more prawns if doing so would save them time and effort and not stretch their culinary skills too much! We discovered another benefit too: the health credentials of prawns make them an ideal addition to chicken and tuna as an everyday, staple food.


Using the outcomes of the research the client launched the prawns as single portion multipacks. They also went onto to develop and launch marinated prawns, snacking platters and prawn wraps.

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