Defining the roles of pack, product & brand

Defining the roles of pack, product & brand

Defining the roles of pack, product and brand in the overall product experience


The Sensory Dimensions Difference

We helped our client understand the relative impact of pack, brand and product on the overall product experience and so determined the suitability of a new launch for the confectionery gifting space.


The Challenge

To understand how to position a line extension in the gifting sector: was it considered premium enough for giving to others; what emotional messages did the separate elements of brand, pack and product convey; and how would these messages influence frequency and occasion of choice?

Our Strategy

A branded product test amongst the target user group. In addition to a range of traditional, explicit tests to capture product appeal and likelihood to buy, we used implicit methods to assess emotional response to firstly the pack, then the wrapper and then the product itself. Implicit methods work at a non-conscious level and capture intuitive or gut reactions and are therefore free of the inherent biases that traditional questionnaires can bring.

What We Found

The branded pack was extremely well received and associated strongly with attributes such as modern, desirable and generous. However, the pack attributes were not supported by those of the wrappers and whilst the product itself was very highly liked, it too was not aligned with the premium expectations generated by the pack and the brand.

Overall the product was highly liked with a high propensity to purchase. It was considered fun and great for sharing, features which positioned it as a treat and everyday gift for younger people but made it less suitable for more sophisticated gifting occasions.

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