Bridging the gap between consumer marketing and product R&D – May 2022

Sensory Testing bridges the gap between consumer marketing and product R&D. Sensory Testing informs cost management, recipe and process change decisions as well as supporting Quality Management, including policing taints and off-flavours.

The Sensory Fingerprint of a product drives consumer engagement, determines overall consumer appeal and defines brand identity. Knowing the sensory fingerprint of your brand is therefore critical to understanding your consumers’ experience.

Sensory Testing is a rare capability within research agencies and yet sits at the heart of our expertise. At Sensory Dimensions, we have our own in-house facilities and fully trained sensory panels available to you. Our flagship sensory solution is SensEye™ – an actionable, statistically valid, tool that defines and quantifies the individual sensory properties of products, in context with the overall market.

These example case studies reveal how Sensory Testing can be applied during product reformulation; or to deliver brand differentiation, retail category management and NPD opportunities against competitor products:


Sugar Reduction in Soft Drinks                     The Sensory Signature of Whisky:













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