What's in a Name?

What's in a Name?

Food-Inspired Baby Names

Amongst much speculation over the name of the new Royal prince it was topical to read this morning that food inspired baby names are predicted to be 2018’s big trend.

Whilst we can all safely assume that the fifth in line to the throne will not be a Basil, Kale, Angus, Chip, Caesar, Herb, Mac, Rye or Fig, it is fascinating to ponder what associations and emotions these increasingly popular boys’ names will stir in the school friends of their recipients.

Will Kale be thought of as strong with a slightly bitter twist? Or Fig as dark and sumptuous, sweet and rich? Or maybe Caesar as an interesting mix of crispness and softness.

Food inspired names for girls include Apple, Honey, Cherry, Plum, Peaches and Ginger…. clearly girls are all sugar and spice.

Thankfully it is easier to understand the characteristics delivered by your food and beverage products: sensory profiling will define all their flavours, textures and aftertastes and give you a clear understanding of character.

Call us to find out more. Meanwhile Arthur remains the 6:1 favourite!