We are expanding!

We are expanding!


We are absolutely thrilled to announce that our new Home and Personal Care testing facility is open for business!

Just a stone's throw from our Nottingham site, this purpose built centre has been designed with the testing needs of the Cosmetics, Toiletries and Household products in mind. We have created a multi-purpose space where untrained consumers and trained sensory assessors can evaluate the fragrance, tactile and usage properties of a wide range of products.

Fragrance is critical in these sectors and central to the facility are 15 individual evaluation booths. Each booth is in fact a mini room with its own door and porthole through which samples can be passed or fragrances, such as air freshers,sprayed. This avoids transfer of fragrance from one booth to the next allowing each assessor's evaluation to be unaffected by the samples of another. Complemented by an incredibly efficient air handling system that ensures a compete air change every seven seconds, we are confident that our booths give the perfect space for evaluating the aroma of air fresheners, hair care and skin care products and household cleaning materials.

Each booth has its own sink so that assessors can brush their teeth, wash hair swatches, manikin heads or their own hair, wash faces, and other body parts, shave, apply deodorant and so on. They are even large enough to set up ironing boards to evaluate laundry fragrance products. All the action can be filmed so that clients can see how respondents handle packaging, apply products and use them. Footage can be viewed in an adjacent room or at your desk!

The booths are complimented by four large shower booths, again with cameras, for shower, shampoo, depilatory, shaving studies and so on. We have also included a laundry and a panel training room as well as the requisite sample preparation areas with fume cupboards.

You can read more about the facility here. We'd love to talk to you about accommodating your testing requirements within our lovely new space so if you are interested in attending one of our opening events later this month please Contact Us.