Unlocking the Secrets of Success

Unlocking the Secrets of Success


How well do you know your product?

You will know the power of the brand, the functionality, nutritional and other benefits, but how well do you know what is ‘in the tin’?  What are the characteristics that make up the usage or consumption experience? How do these characteristics differentiate you from your competition?

Sometimes we need to get to the heart of the product.  Strip away the outside and define the personality within. Sensory evaluation provides the key to unlocking the inner personality of your product.  It will identify all of the aromas, flavours and textures of your product and tell you how much of each is present. The result? A clear fingerprint of you product’s true character.

Compare to competitors to understand your USP; contrast with prototypes to investigate ingredient and process changes; compare across batches to define inherent product variation; investigate seasonality; and track storage related changes.  Most powerfully, use to interpret consumer behaviours, especially liking and purchase intent, and identify how to tweak sensory characteristics to maximise product success.