Testing Personal Care Products

Testing Personal Care Products

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The fantastic shower booths at our Nottingham centre have been busy recently and projects have presented some interesting challenges to the team. Testing personal care products is of course, often carried out in-home. Home use testing (HUT) is excellent for investigating consumer reaction as it allows users to really see how the product works for them. For example: is a skin cream still moisturising their skin in the evening; how does their skin look after two days or a week?

Large-scale HUT testing can be time-consuming, and so central location testing (CLT) at an earlier stage can help you check how your products will stand up in HUT, and enable you to rule out factors you may have overlooked. Our shower booths allow viewing and recording of consumers in action and as such let you observe how consumers actually use your products, measure the amounts used and the time taken – and so on. We have used them for novel shower products, hair care systems, depilatory and other hair removal products and body moisturisers.

Both HUT and CLT testing are often supplemented by depth interviews and/or focus group discussions to explore consumer reactions more fully. In addition, sensory profiling by trained panels can define the sensory characteristics of a group of products and be used to interpret the consumer preference response for benchmarking and to direct further development.

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