Sierra Leone Update

Sierra Leone Update

Sierra Leone – Update 2018

We have continued our work with the charity Rory’s Well this year and in April, Pam Beyts and Amanda Talbot returned to Sierra Leone to review the progress made in existing programs and gather information about the local district that we will be aiding in the future: Sonjour 1.

This visit was a follow up to last years trip, when Pam and Amanda first travelled to Sierra Leone to see how our donations had been helping support local communities. You can read Pam’s diary of their trip below.



“We began our visit in the lead village in the Sonjour 1 district, Njaluahun. Here, we met the Chief along with leading villagers, and were entertained by the ladies of the village with singing and dancing. Later, we took part in a dedication ceremony for the well we have funded there. This is the only working well in the village of over 1400 people.

After visiting Njaluahun we moved on to Jakama, the village in Sonjour 1 that we adopted last year, to have a look at the progress in their community agricultural programme. This is developing well, and the harvesting of rice, beans and vegetables will take place over the next few months. We have also funded a rat proof store for the produce, which will be built in time for the harvest.


There are another 8 villages in Sonjour 1 and over the 4 days we were there, we managed to visit them all to gain a better understanding of populations, geography, and their main needs.

It was evident that more wells are needed in the villages, so we plan to fund a programme of repairs for existing wells that have stopped working. Agricultural programmes, toilets and schools were also requested so we will be looking to raise money to fund some of these over the next few years.”

For more information, or details about how you can help, visit Rory’s Well.