Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power


A few weeks ago we attended the 10th World Food Innovation Forum in Dublin. It was a fascinating couple of days and a rare opportunity to meet in one space large numbers of senior members of the food industry responsible for driving product development and innovation within their companies. A key message was that of Open Innovation and what is to be learnt by looking outside of our own sectors and listening to the experiences and issues of others.

All of the companies present were fully aware of the need to reach out and learn from their customers and those of other products about their wants and needs and to use this information to inform the direction of their own development. At the heart of this is understanding how the sensory experience of a product contributes to the decision to buy and to continue to buy.

At Sensory Dimensions we know how to ask consumers questions in this area but we also know when we need to ask these questions of our trained panellists. This group of carefully selected and trained individuals will tell you in clearly defined terms, the individual attribute that make up the whole appearance, aroma, flavour, texture, mouthfeel and aftertaste experience of your food or beverage. They will then rate the intensity of each of these attributes.

The results are powerful: comparing prototype and competitor products in this way reveals exactly how they are differing. Seeing how this sensory experience changes with new ingredients or process changes allows a more systematic approach whilst monitoring with storage time allows the influence of pack choices to be understood.

For product innovators, the most powerful use comes from combining sensory and consumer data and determining the optimum profile for a new product.

At Sensory Dimensions we specialise in this approach and have applied it successfully in many areas from soft drinks to meat pies…If you think this approach can give you an edge in your NPD then please Contact Us.