How can you get maximum value from your research?

How can you get maximum value from your research?


It's a question that we are all asking as we have to do more and more with ever limited budgets. At Sensory Dimensions we firmly believe that Sensory Profiling adds enormous extra benefit to any Consumer product testing study. Profiling defines the taste experience of your product and as such helps you to really understand what is driving the preferences of your target consumer group.

Here are seven ways in which sensory profiling adds value to consumer research:

  1. Increases efficiency by screening large sample sets into groups enabling you to select the widest range of products for consumer testing
  2. Gives an understanding of the consumer taste experience in clearly defined terms.
  3. Identifies key points of difference from competitors and between prototypes.
  4. Facilitates precise communication of differences to the NPD team.
  5. Highlights the ‘must have' attributes for a successful product.
  6. Finds the best route to product optimisation
  7. Enables you to monitor how your competitors are modifying their products

At Sensory Dimensions we have huge experience of sensory profiling on everything from cabbage to chocolate and chewing gum to cannelloni. Our sensory panels use conventional descriptive techniques and the newer time and cost saving ‘Rapid' methods such as Napping, Free Choice and Flash. We have even evaluated the benefits of using these Rapid techniques with consumers and so we are well placed to design the right project to get the answers that you need.