Gaining understanding through SensEye

Gaining understanding through SensEye

2020 has witnessed an extraordinary journey for all - some brands and retailers have seen unprecedented demand whilst others have endured a battle of survival.

Despite exceptional circumstances, unexpected situations and rule changes many have continued to innovate, either adapting to distribute products to consumers in new ways or innovating to the fill gaps in the market.

Awareness of how your product connects with the consumer and utilising these insights to maximise the consumer experience is key to differentiating your product from the competition. To engage with the consumer, drive appeal and forge brand connections it is critical to understand the sensory experience behind the product and what makes up its unique Sensory Fingerprint.


Our SensEyeTM solution can be used to provide you with the insights you need to to define and quantify the individual sensory properties that make up the overall experience of your product. It can be applied to products throughout the food and beverage and home and personal care sector and provide results that have statistical validity, are visual and immediately actionable. 

View our case studies to see how SensEyeTM can identify the optimum recipe and build a clear understanding of the product profile, allowing a faster and more cost-effective development process. 

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