Aligning brand values, packaging and the product experience

Aligning brand values, packaging and the product experience

The approach of Easter, and its link with chocolate, has reminded us of a confectionery case study that combined implicit techniques with explicit questions. Brand values, packaging and the product experience don’t always align, as they are often developed and researched separately, rather than as a holistic consumer proposition.

A leading confectionery client asked us to research the brand, packaging and product experience together to inform the launch of a new gift pack. We used our SynasenseTM approach that combines implicit emotional profiling with traditional liking measuresto reveal the consumer’s connection with the brand, pack and product elements of the chocolate gift.  


The branded pack was highly liked and projected the attributes of modern, desirable and generous. However, this personality was not reinforced by the wrappers, or by the product. So whilst the chocolates themselves also performed strongly, they actually projected stronger fun and sharing attributes. The pack design was re-worked to be more aligned with the chocolate and wrapper attributes and the product was successfully launched as an everyday treat and gift for young people.

If you are considering a holistic approach to researching new pack launches, and are interesting in combining implicit techniques with traditional approaches, then please do ask us how we could help.

We wish you, your families and friends a Happy Easter.