Alive and Well: Sierra Leone

January 24, 2017

Alive & Well, Sierra Leone Around half a million children die every year from illnesses linked to poor sanitation and unclean water. Many of these diseases could be prevented if villages had access to a clean water source. Alive & Well is a charity working in Sierra Leone that is dedicated to providing fresh water wells to local...

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A Christmas Wish-ky (hic)

December 05, 2016

A Christmas Wish(ky) by Sensory Santa Prologue 24th December. Santa looked at the mantelpiece. It was the last one of the trip. Up on the roof Donner and Blitzen and the rest of the team were waiting patiently. Santa put the gifts carefully into each stocking and then smiled broadly as he took the glass and downed the whisky within – in one...

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Sugar Reduction: The Challenging Necessity

August 11, 2016

Sugar Reduction - the challenging necessity by Melvin Jay, Gunna Drinks Sugar reduction has become a challenging necessity. A necessity because high sugar consumption combined with sedentary lifestyles means Western populations are now faced with a life threatening and economically harmful obesity epidemic. Challenging because humans seem to...

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IFST Sensory Group Conference Summary

June 22, 2016

Global, Ethical and Safe: Challenges and Solutions for Modern Sensory and Consumer Science The long awaited annual SSG Conference took place on Thursday 16th June. Held in the SCI building in London, this year’s meeting set out to explore the challenges for Sensory and Consumer Researchers brought about by globalisation of brands and ethical...

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Best Practice in Cosmetic Claims by Steve Barton

May 26, 2016

A summary from “Science in a Bottle” Organised by The Society of Cosmetic Scientists Steve Barton, Skin Thinking Ltd. Immediate Past President SCS There are areas of product marketing that still rely purely on creative wording.  "Puffery" is exempt from the need for proof, though it hasn’t stopped someone asking if a certain drink does...

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Just about Right Scales and Penalty Analysis

April 14, 2016

JAR Scales and Penalty Analysis Product development and marketing teams are often facing a common problem. How do we identify those ‘must have’ attributes in our products? How can we know which ones to dial up or down to increase preference? What is the optimum level of an attribute? Just about Right (JAR) scales are commonly used in...

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