Christmas Delivery

December 21, 2020

UK Consumers are considering many factors as they prepare for Christmas this year. As well as local COVID tier restrictions, environmental concerns and efforts to support local businesses are influencing consumer choices for gift and food spending this festive season. In this year of uncertainty, stock piling and social distancing how have...

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Who dares predict the trends of 2021?

December 15, 2020

Typically, at this point in the year, many are predicting trends for the New Year. What 2020 has taught  us is that life can fundamentally change - very quickly - and that the  ‘trend-spotting playbook’ is easily ripped up! This year, the world of commerce witnessed monumental change and much of the retail industry had to adapt how it...

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Gaining understanding through SensEye

November 25, 2020

2020 has witnessed an extraordinary journey for all - some brands and retailers have seen unprecedented demand whilst others have endured a battle of survival. Despite exceptional circumstances, unexpected situations and rule changes many have continued to innovate, either adapting to distribute products to consumers in new ways or innovating...

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A Nation of Tea Drinkers: UK tea habits

June 15, 2020

Every day in the UK, the National Grid prepares for a surge in use after popular TV programmes, as kettles go on throughout the country for a cup of tea ( We know we are a nation of tea-lovers in the UK, but how do we prefer our tea? What is the most popular? and how have our tea drinking habits changed? What's the Tea? We...

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Impact of Covid 19 on Shopping Habits

April 24, 2020

On 23rd March 2020 the UK went into lock down to slow down the spread of Coronavirus. The Lock Down was announced by the Prime Minister’s T V address to the nation on 23rd March 2020 and came just 72 hours after the announcement that all pubs, cafés and restaurants would close with immediate effect. Supermarkets introduced social distancing...

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