Sensory Dimensions & AI:The story so far

May 18, 2021

Thames Valley AI Hub unites many academics, researchers, technologists, clinicians and business strategists to promote collaboration within the Thames Valley.  At Sensory Dimensions, our attitude towards innovation is that new techniques and technology should provide better benefits for our operation and our customers. We rigorously test new...

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The Value of Sensory in the Beauty Game

April 21, 2021

Research amongst our Sensory Dimensions Community revealed that looking after one’s appearance was a morale booster during Lockdown with skincare and indulgence becoming the focus of those precious moments. The texture and fragrance of creams and lotions is without doubt a major contributor to their luxuriance and a driver of consumer...

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Aligning brand values, packaging and the product experience

March 31, 2021

The approach of Easter, and its link with chocolate, has reminded us of a confectionery case study that combined implicit techniques with explicit questions. Brand values, packaging and the product experience don’t always align, as they are often developed and researched separately, rather than as a holistic consumer proposition. A leading...

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Navigating HFSS Reformulation

February 22, 2021

Last summer, whilst most of us were getting to grips with tiers, masks and social distancing, the Government set out its Tackling Obesity Strategy. One of the first announcements was legislation to enforce calorie labelling of out-of-home foods sold in restaurants, cafés, and takeaways with more than 250 employees. Amongst the other proposals...

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Maximising the product experience

February 02, 2021

In the challenging circumstances we continue to face Sensory Dimensions remains committed to providing research solutions that meet your business needs. We are conducting consumer and sensory research using creative experimental protocols and digital technologies to support you in generating the insight your innovation programme needs to respond...

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Christmas Delivery

December 21, 2020

UK Consumers are considering many factors as they prepare for Christmas this year. As well as local COVID tier restrictions, environmental concerns and efforts to support local businesses are influencing consumer choices for gift and food spending this festive season. In this year of uncertainty, stock piling and social distancing how have...

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