Our facilities are amongst the best available from an agency and we are the only agency in the UK to have three dedicated centres which provide a highly controlled environment for all aspects of product evaluation and research.

At both Reading and Nottingham we have food and beverage evaluation suites supported by high spec preparation kitchens and chilled and frozen storage facilities. The Reading site has 28 tasting booths whilst in Nottingham we have two suites, the first with 26 booths and the second with 15. The second Nottingham food suite has been designed for the evaluation more odorous foods such as curry and pet food. It has a very high rate of air extraction and replacement. All our booths have the facility for Northern Daylight and red lighting as required.

Nottingham is also the home of our Home and Personal Care facility (HPC). Opened in 2013, this unique centre has 15 totally private booth rooms with sinks and rapid air extraction. This ensures that fragrances can't travel around the facility and can be removed and replaced without introducing bias into your test. Of these booths, eight have portholes and independently controlled variable extraction...ideal for those samples that require a little more care with respect to fragrance handling.

The HPC facility also has four shower booths for in-context assessment of shampoos, shower products, depilatories and many others.

All of the sensory and shower booths have cameras and one way mirrors so that you can watch the action as it happens , even from your desk.

We also have a laundry suite with five washing machines (all the same model), driers and a temperature controlled drying room. Our HPC booths can accommodate ironing boards and irons allowing for the assessment of a full range of laundry products.

At our Reading site we have focus group discussion facilities with one way mirrors for hidden live observation and audio and video recording. Our focus group facilities are available for external hire.

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