Time Dependent Measures of Perception in Sensory Evaluation

Time Dependent Measures of Perception in Sensory Evaluation

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Tracey Sanderson & Tracey Hollowood author Chapter in new Sensory Evaluation Book

February saw the release of a new text for Sensory Scientists. Time Dependent Measures of Perception in Sensory Evaluation (edited by Joanne Hort, Sarah Kemp and Tracey Hollowood, 2017) explores the techniques available to assess how our experience of products changes during the consumption or usage experience.

The book discusses the many facets of time-dependent perception including mastication and food breakdown, sensory-specific satiety and sensory memory. Both traditional and cutting-edge techniques and applications used to measure temporal changes in sensory perception over time are reviewed, and insights into the way in which sensory properties drive consumer acceptance and behaviour are provided.

Chapter 14 authored by Tracey Sanderson & Tracey Hollowood discusses the application of time dependent measures to home and personal care products. It describes how techniques may have to be modified to accommodate these products and highlights special considerations around choice of assessors, environment and experimental design when working with these products.