Exploring new markets (Personal Care)

Exploring new markets (Personal Care)

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The Challenge

One of our clients was looking to deliver innovation through packaging in the depilatory cream market. They had developed two novel dispensers and asked us to find out the market potential and how the dispensers could be further improved.

Our Strategy

It was clearly important to talk to current users and non-users of depilatory cream not only to explore the appeal, but also to understand how the products performed in use. However, the development stage meant that very few packs were available meaning in-home testing was not an option.

What We Did

We ran a research study with users and non-users. Respondents used the creams, one applicator per leg, in our Nottingham shower booth facility. One way viewing mirrors meant that the client could witness first hand exactly how the respondents got on with each pack. Sessions were also videoed so that the findings could be shared with the wider team. During and after use respondents self-completed a study questionnaire and they also took part in 1-2-1 depth interviews.

What We Found

The client company learnt so much by just watching real consumers use the product in real time that they felt they knew what they had to go and do straightaway! The depth interviews confirmed their observations but also revealed that one of the dispensers had enormous appeal especially to those people who had avoided depilatories in the past. The interviews also generated ideas for new product opportunities.


This product is still in development. Once the design has been finalised and a large enough number of samples can be produced, an in-home test will be the next step.

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